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Human Resources

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Human Resources play a vital role in any organization in order to provide continuous human capital. Increased talent workforce drives an organization with better production and Return on investments (ROI).

A human resources department is not limited to the hiring of resources but also to maintain an excellent work culture & count on the employee benefits and issues. Hence, having a human resource management software helps with increased productivity of human resource departments resulting in better management & recruiting outcomes.

With Accountri's Human Resource Management Feature, You Can:

Create employee profiles
Get an overview of employee hiring details
Organize & manage employee documents
Manage employee timeshift zones
Manage employee earnings
Manage employee advance loan details and repayments
Activity/Trace of every employee
List of assets allocated to an employee
Assigned list of projects/tasks of an employee
Create employee issues & recognitions
Create employee timesheet
Employee appraisal details
Manage employee payslips