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Empower your resources and increase your business productivity with Accountri’s HRM Software.

Manage all the functions of human resources starting from human resource planning to employee remuneration, benefits, appraisals and much more. Build a better structure that drives talent and increased productivity.


Manage Human Resource

Create and store employee profiles and documents.

Manage Assets

Easy traceability of the assets allocated to your employees & resources.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Manage all your employee leaves on the go.


Benefit your employees with on-time appraisals.

Org Chart

Org Chart

Get a birds-eye view of all the employees and management structure of your organization.

Employee Onboarding & Exit

Enable employee self-onboarding & exit


Holiday Calendar

Create a list of holidays/events and give access to all your stakeholders and employees.

Employee Activities

Track all employee activities and daily tasks.

To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists

Assign, remind & track your team tasks.

Shift Timings

Manage & assign employee shift timings.

Shift Timings
Employee IP Restriction

Employee IP Restriction

Restrict employee access limited to IP address.


Make announcements easily. You don’t have to strain your voice anymore.


HR Templates

Make announcements easily. You don’t have to strain your voice anymore.

Buying Guide For HRM Software

1. What is Human Resource Management?
It is a systematic approach to manage human resources in a way that provides an organization with maximum productivity. In the process of achieving this, an HR professional has to make sure that the HR policy is appealing to the organization's goals. It makes important for HR to oversee employee benefits, remuneration, and appraisals are given on-time in order to promote a positive working environment.

Human Resource Management includes challenges like Compliance with the law standards, Coping up with management changes, Recruitment, Maintain work-life balance, Employee training, On-time employee benefits & appraisals, Performance recognition and much more.

Human Resource department plays a vital role in filling up the bridge-gap between the employees and the management. It becomes very important for an organization to have a well organized human resource planning which stands as a backbone giving way to achieve growth and success.
2. What is HRM Software?
A Hrm System or Human Resource Management Software (Hrm Software) is a software that helps an organization to manage all the human resources in a systematic approach in order to promote timeliness, productivity, and compliance. It allows an organization to focus on workforce development while leaving all the recurring work of payroll and profile storage to the Hrm software.

Hrm Software helps an organization to automate the manual tasks of HR like Policy, Compliance, Time tracking, Talent acquisition, Benefits Management, Performance Management & Compensation.

3. What are the advantages of using HRM Software?
At a certain point of time, every organization stands in a place where it is no longer able to manage and process employee information. This is where Hrm Software plays a key role in automating the process of payroll, time tracking & processing of employee data and activities.

Here are a few of the advantages of using HRM Software:

> Increase the efficiency and automate the HR tasks.

> Enhance employee experience.

> Manage tasks with ease and allocate resources in the right tasks which inturn helps saving money.

> Make better decisions.

> Manage policies & disciplinary actions.

> Manage employee efficiency and performance.

> Manage employee leaves.

4. What are the features included in Accountri HRM Software?
Accountri Hrm Software is designed to match all the requirements of an organization with the perspective of the human resource department. It helps automate all the HR tasks and generate informative analytics and reports that help in better decision making of an organization.

Here are the features of Accountri HRM Software:

> Manage Human Resources
> Employee On-boarding & Exit
> Manage Assets
> Talent Pool
> Manage Policies
> Manage Job Openings
> Manage Employee Leaves
> Track Employee Activities
> Task Management
> Manage Employee Shift Timings
> Employee Letter Generation
> Employee IP Restriction
> Manage Appraisals
> Manage Feedbacks
> Accouncements
> Holiday Calendar
> Organization Chart (Hierarchy)
> Timesheet
> Payroll
> Salary Structure & Deductions
> Employee Expenses
> Salary in Advance
> Overtime Calculations
> Bonus:

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