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Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management

Advanced analytics helps manage resources customized through geo-specific and relational data sets. This feature helps Human Resource managers and employers in managing precise data of an employee and bank all the documents provided in an organized manner.

Business Asset Management Software

Asset Management

Maintain traceability of assets that are assigned to the resources. This feature will help you organize the structure of the organization and get an overview of the physical & virtual assets assigned.

Employee Leave Management Software

Leave Management

Streamline the work process and make sure the human resource is aligned in shifts to complete the tasks assigned to them. This feature helps manage and track the leave schedule resulting in a smoother workflow.

Employee Performance & Appraisal Management Software

Performance & Appraisal Management

Smart work should always be appreciated and recognized. Accountri’s performance and appraisal management feature help you maintain a rewarding work environment.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Get an overview of the hierarchical structure to better understand the work division and management levels.

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